The Fund’s investment objectives are to seek for long-term growth of capital, maximize investors’ profit and outperform all Vietnam indexes. In pursuing this objective, the Fund focuses on investing in listed and prelisted securities of Vietnamese companies that offer superior opportunities for growth. The Fund seeks to invest in companies with strong characteristics including an experienced and proven management team that supports corporate governance and financial transparency, a high-growth business model, differentiated products or services, superior competitive advantages, a significant market share, and a clear and demonstrable exit strategy for investors.

TVGF2 is a closed-end listed fund with a well-diversified portfolio investing in listed and prelisted securities. The Fund has a 3 years lifespan. During its operating period, TVGF certificates can be traded on HOSE like other listed equities.

Deadline for submitting the register application of buying Fund certificates and payment: 30th November 2017

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