Thien Viet Growth Fund 4 – TVGF4
TVGF4 is a closed-end fund with 5-year lifespan, listed on HoSE and diversified investment in listed and prelisted companies on Vietnam stock market. During its lifespan, TVGF4 shares can be traded on HoSE like other listed equities.
Investment Objectives and Strategies
The Fund’s investment objectives are to seek long-term growth of capital, optimize investors’ profit, and outperform the stock market. To achieve that, the Fund focuses on listed and prelisted stock on Vietnam stock market with potential long-term growth, good corporate governance, financial transparency, strong competitive advantages and significant market share.
Estimated Released Time
To be completed by 07 June 2022
Management fee: 1.0% p.a.
Performance fee: 20% of the increase in the NAV over a hurdle of 8% p.a. with high water mark.
Weekly updated on website of TVAM (
The Fund will generally hold 07 - 15 stocks
Investment Restrictions
For risk control and portfolio diversification, no more than 20% of the NAV may be invested in a single company, no more than 10% in unlisted companies and no more than 30% in a group of related companies. The Fund will not hold over 10% stake of a company and will not use a leverage strategy.
Certificate of ownership of fund shares
The Certificate will be issued after the Fund comes into operation. Please kindly contact TVAM for instructions on receiving the Certificate.
Fund Size
Estimated VND 200 billion
Total Issued Fund Shares
Estimated 20 million
Listing Stock Exchange
Issued Price
VND10,100 per share
Face Value
VND10,000 per share
Functional Currency
Custodian Bank
Audit Firm
Life of the Fund
5 years
Investment Director
Nguyen Duy Quang
Investment Committee
Nguyen Trung Ha, Dinh Thi Hoa, Bui Thi Kim Oanh, Nguyen Thanh Thao
TVGF4’s documents